Friday, 12 August 2022, 15:38:52 — Baku (UTC+4)
Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic States

TURKPA Election Observation Mission commenced its work in Kyrgyzstan

TURKPA Election Observation Mission has arrived in Bishkek to conduct a short-term monitoring of the parliamentary elections to be held on 28 November 2021 in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The mission led by Mr. Recep Şeker, Vice-Chair of the TURKPA Commission on Environment, Natural Resources and Health Protection, member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and comprised of parliamentarians – Mr. Hikmat Mammadov (Azerbaijan), Mr. Nurlan Beknazarov, Mr. Yeldos Abakanov (Kazakhstan), Mr. Şenel Yediyıldız, Mr. Yüksel Özkan, Mr. Ömer Fethi Gürer, Mr. Yaşar Karadağ and Mrs. Hüda Kaya (Turkey), as well as the representatives of the Secretariat commenced its work on 25 November 2021.

Within the framework of its observation program, TURKPA observers met with Chairperson of the Central Election Commission for Elections and Referenda of the Kyrgyz Republic (CEC) Mrs. Nurzhan Shaildabekova. The CEC Chairperson welcomed the observers and stressed the importance of election observation activities of TURKPA missions in Kyrgyzstan. Mrs. Shaildabekova informed in detail on the latest amendments to the electoral legislation, application of high technologies during the electoral process, as well as the preparations for the parliamentary elections, including logistical and technical aspects, and answered the questions of the observers.

The Mission wished success in conducting elections in fair, free and transparent manner and expressed hope that the results of the voting process would contribute to the further prosperity of the country.