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Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic States

Consultation Meeting on proposal of the International Turkic Language(s) Day took place in Ankara

The Consultation Meeting on the proposal of the International Turkic Language Day was held on 9 March 2018 in Ankara at the Office of the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO with participation of Turkic cooperation institutions, National Commissions for UNESCO from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, diplomats and experts. TURKPA was represented by Ms. Saida Armina, Secretary of the Commission on Cultural, Humanitarian and Social Affairs.

The participants exchanged their views on marking the International Day of Turkic language(s) and set forth various proposals with reference to the established practices of UNESCO’s celebration of international days of different languages.

The parties have also discussed the issues of determining dates of Turkic Language(s) Day, as well as its terminology and justification. It was decided that all the member countries of Turkic cooperation will, first of all, send their official proposals on the matter.

Within the meeting’s framework, the participants also visited Kastamonu city – the 2018 Cultural Capital of Turkic World and were accepted by the Governor of Kastamonu region Mr.Yasar Karadeniz and the Mayor of Kastamonu city Mr.Tahsin Babas.