Saturday, 01 April 2023, 01:27:01 — Baku (UTC+4)
Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic States

Opening speech of Mr. Jandos Asanov, TurkPA secretary general at the 3rd meeting of the commission on international relations (Bishkek, 15 april 2014)

Dear Chair,

Dear participants,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me on behalf of the TURKPA Secretariat to welcome all of you. As you know, this is the third meeting of the Commission on International Relations. The last second meeting of the Commission was held in Astana in December 2012 and documents approved by the Commission at its 2nd meeting were further adopted by our Assembly during the 4th Plenary Session in June 2013. Last time Commission discussed the topic on the role and place of the Turkic Council, TURKPA and TURKSOY in developing relationships among Turkic-speaking states. Relevant report and recommendation pointed out priority directions in developing interaction and cooperation of these organizations, and promoting deeper relations and solidarity amongst Turkic speaking countries.

Being a young international organization, we seek to take our rightful place in the system of international relations. Enhanced cooperation of TURKPA member countries within other organizations related to the cooperation process of Turkic-speaking states is a necessary aspect in this context. Synergy actions of our member countries will contribute to the comprehensive cooperation of our nations with international community. In this regard, the main agenda item of the 3rd meeting is devoted to the issue of interaction of Turkic-speaking states within the framework of international organizations. One of the main objectives of our Assembly is to develop close interaction among Turkic-speaking countries and with other states, national parliaments and international organizations with further elaboration of concrete mechanisms of this interaction. I am convinced that we will have useful exchange of views and ideas on this matter and documents to be approved today by the Commission will reflect the qualitatively new stage of cooperation among our member countries.

During the last year, TURKPA has been constantly developing its relations with leading international organizations. Later I will inform Commission in detail on the activities of TURKPA in the field of international cooperation for the 2013-2014 periods.

I wish participants fruitful discussions during the meeting.

Thank you.