Friday, 03 February 2023, 00:23:31 — Baku (UTC+4)
Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic States

Speech of Mr. Ramil Hasanov, secretary general of the parliamentary assembly of turkic-speaking countries in the OSCE-Australia conference (Adelaide, 18-19 march 2013)

Dear Ambassador,

Dear participants,

Ladies and gentlemen,

First of all I would like to extend my gratitude to the OSCE and our host, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for inviting us to attend such an honourable conference.

It is a second time we participate in the annual conference organized by the OSCE with the Asian Partners for Cooperation. Last year TURKPA was invited for the first time to participate in the OSCE-Thailand Conference and during this conference we had fruitful discussions on strengthening security through regional cooperation. Participants were informed about history, mission and tasks of our organization aiming to contribute to the promotion of security across the OSCE region.

Now we are discussing another issue also related to security – situation of women and girls in various fields of our life. Obviously, achievement of full gender equality is one of the most important prerequisites of peace and stability in the world. I would like to stress the importance of increasing the proportion of women in top-administrative decision-making positions as a key pathway to women’s empowerment. Consequently, active role of women as decision-makers contributes to the efficiency of political institutions in every society. It enhances women’s assets and capabilities to engage, influence and hold accountable the institutions which affect them. In this regard, I just want to quote popular words of Margaret Thatcher: “in politics, if you want anything said, ask a man; if you want anything done, ask a woman”.

Gender equality and women’s empowerment is one of the issues put in the agenda of our Assembly. In October 2011 we organized international conference in Baku dedicated to the increasing role of women in politics in the 21st century. Conference focused on such aspects, as role of women in the new world order, political representation of women as criteria for sustainable development and participation of women associations in international cooperation. Female participants of the conference representing both political and academic spectrum of the Turkic-speaking countries adopted Baku Declaration and have agreed on the following actions: a) development of cooperation among women of Turkic-speaking countries in all directions, including inter-parliamentary, scientific, educational, and cultural, as well as establishment of the network of women NGOs; b) promotion of interaction between women in the framework of international and regional organizations, as well as mutual support to the women candidates nominated for the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women and other international institutions; c) practical implementation of the regional and international instruments in the field of women rights; d) joint activities on protection of women and children affected by armed conflicts.

Participants of the conference also agreed to organize annually women’s conferences, as well as to assign liaison from each country with the view of coordinating activities on women conferences.

In perspective, TURKPA Commission on social, cultural and humanitarian affairs is planning to touch upon the issue of women’s rights and their role in political and economic life of the member countries.

As it’s seen, all the TURKPA member countries are fully committed to the principles of the gender legal equality and ensuring equal opportunities for men and women reflected in the basic UN documents, including the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, Beijing Declaration, including Platform for Action adopted at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, decisions adopted at the Millennium Development Summit and UN Security Council Resolution N1325.

OSCE has a huge experience in addressing gender equality issues and I would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm that our Assembly is ready to closely cooperate with the OSCE in this direction. We think that best practices of the OSCE in promotion of women’s rights are essential for all sub-regional institutions across the OSCE region.

Respectful participants,

Allow me to express my appreciation to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and OSCE for organizing this significant event and great hospitality extended by our hosts.

It is my pleasure again to express gratitude to the OSCE for their cooperation with us.

Thank you for your kind attention