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Meeting with Mr. Süleyman Şensoy, the Chairman of the Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies(TASAM) in the TURKPA International Secretariat on December 20, 2010
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Welcoming the guest, the TURKPA Secretary General, Mr. Ramil Hasanov gave detailed information on implemented projects, the inter-parliamentary relations, bilateral and multilateral cooperation established between TURKPA and some international organizations in one year period.

The TURKPA Secretary General expressed his gratitude to Mr. Süleyman Şensoy for the invitation to the World Turkish Forum organized by TASAM in October 2010. Mr. Ramil Hasanov stated that TURKPA is ready to provide necessary support in future activities of TASAM.

The Chairman of TASAM, Mr. Süleyman Şensoy also expressed his gratitude to the TURKPA Secretary General, Mr Ramil Hasanov for warm receive, talked about the activity of the organization represented by him, their implemented large-scale projects, their steps as NGO
towards strengthening relations between the Turkic States and the works done for union and strengthening of the World Turkish Diaspora in details. Mr. Süleyman Şensoy noted that they are giving special importance to TURKPA as an International Parliamentary Organization
established by the Turkic States, stressed that they wish to participate in the future activities of TURKPA more closely.

At the end of the meeting the special gift was given to the guest on behalf of TURKPA. At the meeting participated Mr. Kürşad Melih Sarıarslan, the Deputy Secretary General of TURKPA from the Republic of Turkey and Mr. Mels Semgaliyev, the Deputy Secretary General of TURKPA from the Republic of Kazakhstan.
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TURKPA Chairman-in-Office H.E. Mr. Nurlan Nigmatulin
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