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Parliament of Kazakhstan adopted constitutional changes
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On 6th of March, 2017 the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the joint session of the both chambers of the country’s supreme legislative body adopted the draft law On Introducing Changes and Amendments into the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The law stipulates 26 changes into 19 articles of the Constitution that are aimed at the redistribution of powers of the President, Parliament and Government. The amendments are directed at the implementation of the Plan of the Leader of the Nation “100 real steps”. Sizeable part of the responsibilities of the President in the social and economic field will be devolved to the government.

Recently the anticipated changes were discussed with the participation of the country’s Constitutional Council, Prosecutor General’s Office, Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies, Federation of Trade Unions, Lawyers’ Union, Centre of Juridical Expertise of the Ministry of Justice, National Research Institute of the Academy of State Management under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as a number of NGOs.

The amendments also tackle the issue of balancing the relations among the branches of power at the constitutional level. A new efficient mechanism of protection of the human rights and fundamental freedoms has been created.

“The constitutional reform is, first of all, further development of democracy, strengthening of the pillars of people’s rule, enhancement of the responsibility of the Parliament and Government, while preserving the strong presidential powers”, said Mr Nurlan Nigmatulin, Chairman of the Majilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan who also acts as TurkPa’s Chairman-in-Office.

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TURKPA Chairman-in-Office H.E. Mr. Nurlan Nigmatulin
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